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Ari Herstand: All-day Bootcamp

Thriving in the New Music Business

Blue Rock Studio , Wimberley, TX

$100 includes Three Sessions, lunch, and a copy of Ari's superb book,  How to Make It in the New Music Business.  

9:00a Arrive and Coffee • 10:00 SESSION I • 12:30 Lunch • 1:00p SESSION II • 3:00p SESSION III • 5:00P Book Signing

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“The days of the big break are over!" Author of the best-selling book How To Make It in the New Music Business, founder of Ari's Take and Los Angeles based independent musician, Ari Herstand, will lead a day-long workshop all about thriving in the New Music Business. 

Come to beautiful Blue Rock for a full-on bootcamp for independent musicians. Meet other courageous musicians on the path. Includes lunch and Three Sessions in which Ari will show us: 

  • how to double merch sales at your shows 
  • how to find and collect all your royalties 
  • all the necessary components of an artist's 'package' 
  • inspiring examples of how other indie artists are making it work in a real way. 

Ari will also reveal the staggering disconnect between musician and blogger, why no one seems to care about your music (and how to change that), how to get included in Spotify playlists, how to grow your audience on Instagram and Facebook, how to properly tell your 'story' and communicate it effectively to your audience online, how to organize your time so you have the most effective workflow to manage your business and your art, and how to make more money with a music career. Ari shares his real world experience navigating the new music business as a working DIY musician and explains why you need more than just talent to succeed in today’s biz.   MORE INFO HERE